Zoe Piper

Founder/PhD Candidate
No one sector can solve grand challenges alone. We need industry, government and research to collaborate effectively to create impact at scale.

My interest in cross-sector collaboration led me undertake a PhD on the individuals who concurrently work on a portfolio of different roles in industry, research and government. These tri-sector professionals can play an important role in connecting the dots and translating between different groups.

Yet despite the significant value they can add to any engagement they take on, organisations (and recruiters) don’t always understand how to attract and retain tri-sector professionals. My PhD is uncovering strategies that can help both individuals and organisations embrace the concept of boundaryless careers that span across multiple sectors.

Alongside my PhD, I want to help connect tri-sector professionals to each other, and to engagements that could benefit from their unique skill set and perspectives. So alongside CareerVitae (which will help identify tri-sector professionals), I’ve launched the Tri-Sector Hub. The plan for this is still emerging so I’m very open to input from about what would deliver the most value in this space.

If this concept resonates and/or if you’d like to hear more about my research as it progresses, please subscribe below and connect with me on LinkedIn.